Redefining Blockchain
Speed and Scalability

Sei is recognized as the fastest Layer 1 blockchain, setting new benchmarks in blockchain performance and scalability. Supporting multiple execution environments, including the innovative parallelized Ethereum Virtual Machine,

Sei’s Manifesto

Build the Best Infrastructure for Digital Asset Exchange

Empower the Future

Sei's mission is to empower a future where decentralized and centralized applications have comparable user experiences.

Sei uniquely combines Web2-like performance with the decentralization and sovereignty of Web3.

Ruthless Optimization

Focus on what matters most.

Sei's ongoing design and iteration is both rapid and pragmatic by design.

Upgrades to Sei are driven purely by solving real user and developer problems.  

By building in public, with fully open sourced code, Sei believes this contribution can help to move the entire crypto space forwards faster.

Sei’s esteemed Backers

Sei is supported by a network of esteemed backers who recognize the potential of Sei's innovative blockchain technology, bringing expertise and resources that enrich Sei's institutional offerings.

Sei’s Roadmap

Sei's roadmap is a testament to its commitment to continuous innovation and expansion. Each milestone is aimed at delivering unparalleled blockchain performance, from advancing core technology to broadening the ecosystem.

H1 2024: The First Parallelized EVM is Proposed
In response to developer and user demand, and in recognition of the glaring scalability issues facing Ethereum developers, Sei Labs develops and proposes an upgrade to Sei, as the first Parallelized EVM Blockchain
H2 2023: Mainnet Beta Launch
Sei's production mainnet environment was launched, "pacific-1"
H1 2023: Public Testnet
The world got its hands on Sei's tech for the first time, as part of the Atlantic-2 Public Testnet
H2 2022 - H1 2023: Fundraising
Amidst the chaos of 2022s bear market, Sei's seed fundraising round is closed. A Strategic Round follows, including the likes of Jump, Multicoin, Distributed Global, Delphi and more.
H1 2021: The Idea for Sei is Born
Following the infamous "gamestop saga" , co-founder Jay left his position at Robin Hood to found a decentralized alternative to Robin Hood. He quickly discovered however, that Layer 1 blockchain infrastructure at the time was not sufficiently scalable or performant to launch his own on-chain exchange. This is the original idea for Sei: to build the best infrastructure for the exchange of digital assets.