Accelerating the Future The Fastest Parallel Blockchain

Pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology through open source development, Sei stands to unlock a brand new design space for consumer facing applications.

Supported by elite global institutions, Sei stands at the forefront of blockchain innovation.

The Sei ecosystem aligns with our commitment to working with founders and teams dedicated to open access and programmable commerce,” Wyatt Lonergan, Principal at Circle Ventures.

Multicoin led Sei's seed round last year and have been working closely with [sei labs] since then. We've been continuously amazed with their pace of execution - Spencer Applebaum, Investment Partner at Multicoin

We choose Sei for its unmatched speed, resilience, and innovation. Its optimized architecture aligns seamlessly with our institutional goals.

Kanav Kariya

We back exceptional entrepreneurs working to advance the crypto/Web3 ecosystem and support Coinbase's mission of creating more economic freedom.

Sei has made advancements in speed, scalability, and security that address some of the major drawbacks of current general purpose chains. We’re confident that they can be a real challenger in the battle for Layer 1 - Tommy Shaughnessy, co founder at delphi digital

"It’s exciting to see the launch of Sei’s V2 high-performance, parallelized EVM, as this positions Sei to unlock enhanced network capabilities and offer a perfect place for DeFi builders and institutions to leverage Pyth oracles and build the next generation of on-chain finance.”

Mike Cahill
CEO of Douro Labs

Redefining High-Speed Blockchain Technology

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Leading with Speed

Sei's Unmatched Performance

Achieving 390 ms block finality, Sei is at the pinnacle of high-speed blockchain platforms, ideal for web2 like experiences, high-frequency trading and real-time digital exchanges.

Revolutionary Architecture

Parallelized Runtime

Sei V2 introduces a unique architecture designed to enhance scalability and developer flexibility.

Robust Security

Building on the Shoulders of Giants

Security is paramount on Sei. Building on and turbocharging proven, battle tested architecture such as tendermint consensus and wasm.

Build on the fastest
blockchain in the industry.

Highly Secure

Build with Confidence - Highly Secure Platform

Sei's blockchain utilises battle tested architecture, ensuring a reliable and secure environment for your projects.

Massively Scalable

Expand Without Limits - Massively Scalable

Sei’s blockchain supports vast scalability, enabling your projects to grow exponentially without performance constraints.

Engineered to Evolve

Adaptive Blockchain Technology for Future Needs

Sei is designed to adapt and evolve, ensuring your projects remain at the cutting edge of blockchain technology.

Emerging Applications

Foster Innovation - Emerging Applications

Sei is the ideal platform for developing groundbreaking applications, supporting the latest trends and innovations in blockchain.

Carbon Neutral

Eco-Friendly Development - Carbon Neutral

Sei’s commitment to carbon neutrality makes it the perfect choice for environmentally conscious blockchain development.

Build with Speed

Join the Speed Revolution - Build on Sei

Start building on Sei, the fastest blockchain in the industry, and elevate your projects with unparalleled speed and efficiency.